• Two-wins.com will lead the corporate culture based on trust and reliability.

  • What is Two-win?
  • Two-wins.com attempts to introduce new changes with the brand name, "Two-Win".
  • Originally, Two-Win refers to "Win Win" Paradigm (thinking method), but Two-win.com added on new meaning.
  • Two-Win prioritizes customers foremost, and this is the thinking method that the company must have to present best services to customers
    and to impress the customers.
Company name
Park Sung Ha
Date of establishment
May 4, 1982
27 Wins Tower (zip code : 133-832), Achasan-ro 11-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
+82-2-3409-0811, +82-2-3408-0932
Company motto for the year (management principle)

Meaning of WIN WIN
  • I win and the other party wins as well. This Win Win principle is the thinking method that pursues after mutual benefit.
  • In other words, this refers to the agreement or problem solving methods that are mutually beneficial and satisfactory.
    This type of thinking is geared towards the value system that respects the human dignity and starts from the mindset of being considerate
    of each other with utmost sincerity.
    Two-win is based on the principle that the success of Two-win.com does not require failure of other companies or deprivation of other
    companies’ opportunity to succeed.