• Two-wins.com will lead the corporate culture based on trust and reliability.

  • Two-win was established as Sewoonsa on January 1982, and we are coping
    actively with the external and internal environment of the electronic industry that
    advances and changes faster than other industries. With the firm conviction that a
    company’s life depends on advanced technology and outstanding personnel, we are
    focusing on the development of cutting edge technologies and high quality brains
    amidst the international competition environment today.
  • ISO 9001 certificate was earned as the company that designs, produces, sells, works on
    and manages CCTV & SECURITY SYSTEM, fire-fighting and Integrated electronic wiring
    afterwards based on the development of the general information communication system.
    We will satisfy diverse needs for services by offering same level of technological value and
    services anywhere in the nation based on the experiences accumulated for many years by
    producing and selling our security facility system items and with our competent human
  • All our employees set up the goal of laying down the basis for the 2nd take off by
    leveraging our 3WIN management principles that make customers and employees happy
    and that instill sense of trust in our partner companies, by security complaint-free system
    for the customers, employees and partner companies and by developing quality system,
    and we will race ahead to become the company that makes greater effort and that tries
    its best for the sake of the customer convenience with the company motto of creation,
    trust and kindness.
  • We are staying ahead with the ‘speed management’ that
    prioritizes time.

    Two-wins.com will not cease the effort to stay ahead by capitalizing on those competitive
    elements, and to stay ahead in terms of ‘time’ as well.
    Since one of the key competitive elements in the age of information of the 21st Century is
    'time,' Two-wins.com is unfolding ‘speed management’ that prioritizes time by streamlining
    teams, making them flat in terms of hierarchy, delegating authority to the departments in
    charge, and by managing with focus on the field.
  • It starts from where we stand today.

    To stay ahead of the environment evolution that is changing rapidly, Two-wins.com will
    become a company that is recognized for its technical capability by providing advanced
    equipment and solution through incessant R&D.